Eleven Objects is an accessory line created by Linh Thi Do and Christine Rhee. These embellished collars are from their first Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Unfortunately the prices are between $135 - $1,195 (for a Swarovski embroidered one)
but the Carven collar that sold out at Colette in 25 minutes went for $135 as well (though pretty it was very plain)

The cheaper option would be a DIY which I am very tempted by. The last two are my personal favourites.


An interview with Ann Demeulemeester

Demeulemeester detests the idea that femininity is automatically equated with bubbly fussiness. She makes womens footwear wider on purpose, so it's comfortable. "Are we modern, or are we old fashioned?!" exclaims she. "We are still fixated on the idea that women have tiny feet and have to squeeze into tiny uncomfortable shoes. Things don't have to be that way. I can make a perfectly elegant pump, but you will be comfortable in it."

My Ann D's shoes costed more than any shoe I've ever dared buy. After reading that quote I felt it was a worthwhile investment. Not only are they very comfortable for their height, they are well made and I can see myself wearing them for the next 10 years. I can't say the same for the Jeffrey Campbell knock offs of the Ann D sandals made infamous by Sea of Shoes. I don't own either but judging from photos, I can see that the copy did not match the wider toe bed. I own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell sandals and the damn thing's sole came apart after one wear. I must keep in mind that quality (and comfort) is much more important and to disregard trends, hype and even price at times. I am not rich enough for things that fall apart easily.

I will always have the estrogen-fueled heart flutter when I see a beautiful high heel but it's simply not worth the price if it doesn't suit my lifestyle. Although...a pair of expensive heels is still considerably less expensive than a Degas...

Sea of Shoes
Jak & Jil



The Yves Saint Laurent photo is so powerful

The Everlasting Soul

Vogue China’s SS11 Collections issue.

Model : Edita Vikeviciute

Stylist : Nicoletta Santoro

I'm sorry if the images are huge on your screen. I'm not sure how to make them smaller.



Made of 4,500 lenses from prescription eyeglasses.

Cosmic Burst

"I was commissioned by MAC to produce two identical chandeliers for display in their New York and Los Angeles flagship stores. The work had to promote the new vibrant colour range of cosmetics called the ‘Culture Bloom’ collection. They wanted to illustrate an explosion or blooming of colour.

My interpretation was a kind of molecular or planetary explosion called ‘Cosmic Burst’ "

See more of Stuart Haygarth's work here




"Wei Ting Liang has created a spectacular collection of skeleton-inspired garments for a project titled ‘Reveal the Inner Self.’ The sculptural pieces are completely white with details that resemble a warped and disfigured body. The underlying tone of Wei Ting Liang’s work is slightly morbid and eerie.
Created for Wei Ting Liang’s third-year project at Ecole de la Chambre Synidcale de la Couture Parisenne, ‘Reveal the Inner Self’ displays the remarkable skills and creativity of the up-and-coming Taiwanese designer.
The video and related images were set in a surgery room, enhancing an ironically dark tone. This piece was produced by Reactive Creative Co., Ltd, Liang Su and Cicada Film Studio. This is definitely one collection that is worth taking a look through."



I despise the word "rockin"

"You're totally rockin' that outfit!"

I accept "You rock" and "I rock" because, I do rock and I'm sure you do rock as well.

This dog is totally rockin' the bowtie.

la femme francaise

Sonia Rykiel (1980)

I own two pieces of Sonia Rykiel from her diffusion line Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.
I adore both for their playful femininity.

One is a blue cardigan with shiny gold daisy buttons.
The other is a classic dark blue trench coat with black ribbons on the shoulders and sleeves that are removable should I feel to be less girly.

Now to find my camera so I can take photos.