My favourite colour combination: blue and orange
I just love the way the burnt orange sweater is nicely offset by the simpleness of the blue skirt
I've been on the look out for sweater in that exact colour.
Along with a nice breton top and a beautiful pair of black brogues/loafers.
Hopefully will find it in San Fran.

On an entirely different subject, I'm absolutely disgusted by the Republican party's actions in America.
Stating the tax cuts for the highest earning segment of the population (when they hardly deserve or need it) is the chief priority is appalling.
I don't understand how millions of Americans voted for these people in the midterms in hopes of getting the economy back in shape.
To make it even less believable is refusing to pass any bills until they get what they want.
(God forbid anyone earning over $200,000 a year has to pay HIGHER taxes in the new year)
This means that the 9/11 first responder bill was rejected.
If you're going to block an entirely morally just bill, at least have an equally moral reason.

And such is my spiel on politics.

Source: The Sartorialist



I'll be going to San Francisco soon.

Looking forward to visiting the Diptyque store

Can't wait to smell the famous Figuier candle

Hopefully there will be some kind of sale going on ($60 for ONE candle?!?!?!)
but if it smells as good as everyone claims, it will be worth it.

I received my Ann Demeulemeester wedges in the summer
but I've only worn them once so I decided to take them out for an indoor stroll

Blurry I know
It's difficult to take photos in the laying down
I have to admit I am very self-conscious about my legs.
In proportion to the rest of my body, they are very thick and bulky although this photo doesn't seem to show that very well.
I shy away from dresses and skirts because my legs create a stumpy effect.
It's time to get over it.
Perhaps take up pilates or ballet.

Major leg envy

Take care and enjoy the weekend