I'll be going to San Francisco soon.

Looking forward to visiting the Diptyque store

Can't wait to smell the famous Figuier candle

Hopefully there will be some kind of sale going on ($60 for ONE candle?!?!?!)
but if it smells as good as everyone claims, it will be worth it.

I received my Ann Demeulemeester wedges in the summer
but I've only worn them once so I decided to take them out for an indoor stroll

Blurry I know
It's difficult to take photos in the laying down
I have to admit I am very self-conscious about my legs.
In proportion to the rest of my body, they are very thick and bulky although this photo doesn't seem to show that very well.
I shy away from dresses and skirts because my legs create a stumpy effect.
It's time to get over it.
Perhaps take up pilates or ballet.

Major leg envy

Take care and enjoy the weekend


Anonymous said...

i agree, serious leg envy. you should take a ballet class, i used to be a ballerina and i loved it but i'm sad that i quit :(
don't be self-conscious! it does no one any good :)


Amber said...

San Francisco is a fabulous city. I went to school there for a while. Enjoy it! Take loads of pictures.

Stephanie said...

Figuier is nice- I have in in the green version but I find the scent gets a bit overpowering and sickly after a while (that's just me though). I think my favourite is Feu de Bois- it has a really delicious smokey aroma.

Charles said...

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.