My favourite colour combination: blue and orange
I just love the way the burnt orange sweater is nicely offset by the simpleness of the blue skirt
I've been on the look out for sweater in that exact colour.
Along with a nice breton top and a beautiful pair of black brogues/loafers.
Hopefully will find it in San Fran.

On an entirely different subject, I'm absolutely disgusted by the Republican party's actions in America.
Stating the tax cuts for the highest earning segment of the population (when they hardly deserve or need it) is the chief priority is appalling.
I don't understand how millions of Americans voted for these people in the midterms in hopes of getting the economy back in shape.
To make it even less believable is refusing to pass any bills until they get what they want.
(God forbid anyone earning over $200,000 a year has to pay HIGHER taxes in the new year)
This means that the 9/11 first responder bill was rejected.
If you're going to block an entirely morally just bill, at least have an equally moral reason.

And such is my spiel on politics.

Source: The Sartorialist



I'll be going to San Francisco soon.

Looking forward to visiting the Diptyque store

Can't wait to smell the famous Figuier candle

Hopefully there will be some kind of sale going on ($60 for ONE candle?!?!?!)
but if it smells as good as everyone claims, it will be worth it.

I received my Ann Demeulemeester wedges in the summer
but I've only worn them once so I decided to take them out for an indoor stroll

Blurry I know
It's difficult to take photos in the laying down
I have to admit I am very self-conscious about my legs.
In proportion to the rest of my body, they are very thick and bulky although this photo doesn't seem to show that very well.
I shy away from dresses and skirts because my legs create a stumpy effect.
It's time to get over it.
Perhaps take up pilates or ballet.

Major leg envy

Take care and enjoy the weekend



Give it up for the reclusive man himself.

Martin Margiela's strange textiles

Margiela Returning
Winter 2010
Photographer: Armin Morbach
Stylist: Ingo Nahrwold
Model: Andrej Pejic

via here


quotation marks

Loneliness is the human condition. Cultivate it. The way it tunnels into you allows your soul room to grow. Never expect to outgrow loneliness. Never hope to find people who will understand you, someone to fill that space. And intelligent, sensitive person is the exception, the very great exception. If you expect to find people who will understand you, you will grow murderous with disappointment. The best you'll ever do is to understand yourself, know what it is that you want, and not let the cattle stand in your way."

-Jane Fitch (White Oleander)


spring in my step

If this cough would go away I'd be in perfect health.

Jonathan Saunders Spring/Summer 2011

I adore orange.

photo courtesy of Stylebubble



school has started and I do not have time to think

it doesn't help that I can't think for the matter

I took a long unaccounted for break from school
my brain has been sluggish from march until now
Half a year down the drain where I did not do anything productive nor learn anything worth knowing

now it seems my most prized organ no longer works the way it once did

and I feel sluggish all day
sleepy, mopey and tired
unable to concentrate too

I can't write properly
nor can I think of the appropriate words without pausing for a few moments
what once came naturally is now beyond hard to grasp

It is incredibly difficult to even remember what I did yesterday
let alone try to remember what was covered in a class

to say the least I won't be able to put together a proper post for a while
then again who cares whether or not it makes any sense

This always brings a smile to me



I've been having headaches for the past two days and my vision shakes when I stand.
I'm not sure if it's vertigo but definitely do not feel stable even when sitting.
It also gets hard to focus at time. I can't seem to process the whole scene, almost like tunnel-vision on a hand-held camera.

If only family doctors worked on Sunday.
I don't see why a few can't decide to work weekends and close on other days of the week.
Sickness doesn't take a day off and even pharmacists are available 7 days a week.
Oh well, nothing I can do unless I feel like going to the hospital (no way)

On to matters less related to reality....

These images are from a fashion blogger known as piksi who posted her outfits on her flickr account. She was a favourite in the group Waredrobe Remix and Hel-looks featured her a few times.

She appears to have closed down her account but the interwebs still remembers her.
It's a shame really since her style is very beautiful and always had cute feminine details. Of course it goes without saying she's quite the beauty. Her skin is a creamy porcelain care of her Scandinavian genes undoubtedly.
I can't help but feel a bit jealous of her since her look simply can't be emulated in any way.
(That hair hair! How does she do her hair?)

I only got one screenshot of her outfits that included a bit of information on the clothes (I regret not saving more photos now. The dress she wore for her graduation was a dream)
She mostly shopped at H&M but the pieces I loved most were from the popular finnish designer Minna Parikka (very girly and cute shoes)

Hope you have a relaxing day.
Here's a totoro cupcake to get you started

I'm starting to add my favourite links
my brain is about to blow so it's not a good time to figure out how to modify the blogger template


something I'm thinking about

" I don’t want to ever feel like I need to impress anyone on the internet or in real life; it’s too much pressure. I want, like everyone else, to leave a record of myself while still standing out in my own right. I don’t want to feel forced to update out of a fear of losing readers because, once I’m coerced into doing something, it’s not longer fun and I feel I can no longer be true to myself. I just want to show everyone who I am, who I choose to be, and who I may be in the future. I am extremely grateful for anyone who continues to come back even with my terrible blogging habits and it’s reassuring to know that someone out there finds my quaint little life interesting :) "

Fashion bloggers do end up being lauded as vain. There is a lot of criticism for the amount of materialism involved when your blog focuses on fashion and style.
Perhaps it's due to the tendency for bloggers to post pictures of themselves
listing all their articles of clothing and the brands
while emulating the high fashion model poses.

It is never fair for a person to judge another without getting to know someone;
on the internet it's too easy. Actually in real-life it's also easy but our moms taught us to keep that to ourselves.

People can get caught up in the branding aspect of fashion.
Style becomes less about expression and more about how much disposable money you can spend on clothes and which labels you wear.
A floral dress is different from a floral dress by Chloe.
Would that be apparent simply by a photo or does the outfit summary tell you more?

The lack of ethnics and boundaries on the internet can be alarming.
A 30-year old blogger can most certainly handle criticisms better than a 15-year old
On the other hand, you could assume that a 15 year old is more apt to leave some horrible comments on a blog but that is not true.
Trolling knows no boundaries. There is no place it won't go and it doesn't care how old you are, so long as they make their demonstration of power to say something heartless and do so anonymously.
No consequences of reality exists whatsoever.

I'm with Annabel on blogging.
I hope you, reader and/or lurker, will have thought on this matter too.



esquire russia april 2010

valerija kelava
unknown source



similar to the shoes seen on the last post
these were made by a blogger who took apart a pair of lucite wedges
see the process here

adding spiked harnesses

all photos are from (in)decorous taste


it's something else

Helen Furber, BA, London College of Fashion '10

“I felt that there was an opportunity to create a sustainable luxury product that wouldn’t be possible with traditional manufacturing techniques,” she says.



miu miu bird suede and python clutch

the term recession exists in only certain parts of the world
and never in other parts

this is timeless beauty