I've been having headaches for the past two days and my vision shakes when I stand.
I'm not sure if it's vertigo but definitely do not feel stable even when sitting.
It also gets hard to focus at time. I can't seem to process the whole scene, almost like tunnel-vision on a hand-held camera.

If only family doctors worked on Sunday.
I don't see why a few can't decide to work weekends and close on other days of the week.
Sickness doesn't take a day off and even pharmacists are available 7 days a week.
Oh well, nothing I can do unless I feel like going to the hospital (no way)

On to matters less related to reality....

These images are from a fashion blogger known as piksi who posted her outfits on her flickr account. She was a favourite in the group Waredrobe Remix and Hel-looks featured her a few times.

She appears to have closed down her account but the interwebs still remembers her.
It's a shame really since her style is very beautiful and always had cute feminine details. Of course it goes without saying she's quite the beauty. Her skin is a creamy porcelain care of her Scandinavian genes undoubtedly.
I can't help but feel a bit jealous of her since her look simply can't be emulated in any way.
(That hair hair! How does she do her hair?)

I only got one screenshot of her outfits that included a bit of information on the clothes (I regret not saving more photos now. The dress she wore for her graduation was a dream)
She mostly shopped at H&M but the pieces I loved most were from the popular finnish designer Minna Parikka (very girly and cute shoes)

Hope you have a relaxing day.
Here's a totoro cupcake to get you started

I'm starting to add my favourite links
my brain is about to blow so it's not a good time to figure out how to modify the blogger template


DS said...

I can just imagine you typing up this post, Elisa. You will never know how many people think of you often.
The strange manner of your death pointed people towards you but it will be your writings online that resonate with people on many levels.

Wishing you all the best in eternity.

Anonymous said...

thank you sweetie, it had made me get started :)