school has started and I do not have time to think

it doesn't help that I can't think for the matter

I took a long unaccounted for break from school
my brain has been sluggish from march until now
Half a year down the drain where I did not do anything productive nor learn anything worth knowing

now it seems my most prized organ no longer works the way it once did

and I feel sluggish all day
sleepy, mopey and tired
unable to concentrate too

I can't write properly
nor can I think of the appropriate words without pausing for a few moments
what once came naturally is now beyond hard to grasp

It is incredibly difficult to even remember what I did yesterday
let alone try to remember what was covered in a class

to say the least I won't be able to put together a proper post for a while
then again who cares whether or not it makes any sense

This always brings a smile to me


Anonymous said...

I care and I really understand you, I feel very similar too, but we can't lose hope. Remember your history can only be written by you, even when you're feeling down you have to remember the good things in life and keep going. When you fall, get right back up.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately she passed away in 2013 so she can't read your comment.
More information can be found here-

Anonymous said...

Thats bcoz of the adverse side effects of taking anti depressants etc