I'm very happy I got saddle shoes. 
The white leather does make me a little OCD about keeping it clean. Usually I could care less about getting my shoes dirty but I think it ruins the look of the shoes if there's dirt marks.


Danielle said...

I love the way the saddle shoes are styled here! Sometimes I feel like they're a little too Lolita when styled with a feminine frock thanks to the famous book cover (just as Nabokov ruined the name Lolita, Vintage International's book cover ruined saddle shoes), but this photo is the perfect mix between laid back and dressy! You should post a photo of the shoes sometime!

L.L. said...

I feel as though it's a shoe highly associated with school girl uniforms. I have yet to read Lolita but it is on my summer reading list.
The ones I got are from Bass and for under $100! They aren't as nice as the ones in the photo but very comfy. They come down quite low in the back so I need to get some no-shoe socks.