ring ring

I found the perfect ring at Club Monaco of all places.

It's simple and unobtrusive, perfect for everyday wearing.

The little details:
- there's a tiny little sparkle visible on the right side of the band in the second photo
- it's not perfectly circular and smooth
And of course the best part was it was on sale!

Kindly ignore the state of my Macbook Pro. For something that is very precious, I treat it very badly. If I be more careful, will you stop heating up whenever I go on youtube?

I'm still looking for a simple necklace for everyday. Something along the lines of the infamous Taylor side cross necklace by Roseark but I'm not religious nor interested in wearing something so heavily associated with a quasi-celebrity.
It is a great design and for something so simple, it caught the attention of many people.
But where to look for something similar?
Etsy's search makes it a very lengthy process


Nhu said...

I love how from the side it looks like a riff on the traditional engagement ring.

0000 said...

I love the slightly worn in feel of the ring and the way it looks like a solitaire setting from the side. It's definitely an interesting--but not in an in-your-face way--addition to any everyday outfit!


L.L. said...

Definitely loved that it was a modern version of an engagement ring

Anonymous said...

I wonder where this ring is now. In her house somewhere, amongst the things which her parents haven't thrown away? Maybe at some point in the future it will make it's way to someone else. And will they know who owned it in the past?