Worries of a twenty something

I spent about two days in bed hating myself.

Why don't I simply do the things that I know will make me feel better?
It isn't rocket science. It isn't that difficult. Get out of bed. Eat. See people. Talk to people. Exercise. Write. Read. 

If you want to do something with your life, well ok just go ahead and do something.
Ugh it's too much work and I don't even know where to start. I don't know how to do anything and it'll never work. I'll be judged. I can't do it. I can't do it alone. I don't know anybody It will be a complete utter disaster and no one will care about it and of course the point of doing everything is to get attention and praise from other people. Yeah I need to get the most followers and the most views. And by doing that I have to promote myself and become a phony and pander like hell. Good job you're really following all the ideals you hold so dearly.  

Good job you stopped yourself from even starting. You're so lazy you'll never accomplish anything.
If you weren't so lazy you'd probably wouldn't have dragged out this depression for so long. God why do you give up so easily. You make it like a snap decision. Why do you have no commitment and diligence? You're so freakin lazy. You're a phony. You want to cruise by and fool everyone into thinking you're smart but really you did the least amount of work and pretended you worked really hard and you deserve this mark. If there's an easy way you will manipulate people into getting it. And then feel guilty afterwards because oh, you didn't live up to your morals and ideals

Why are you such a snob and so picky about everything. Unless there's a guaranteed 100% success you don't think it's worth doing. Wow you're arrogant. You think you deserve nothing but the best. You look down on other people. 

You know what fashion has done to you? It's made you into a total snob and wanting nothing but the most expensive and best stuff out there? You want to be the best. The one with the best clothes, the best outfits, the best the best the best
You can't be the best. You're just a nobody, part of the crowd. You are not particularly smarter than anyone else. You dont' create anything. You dont' contribute. You just stay at home and observe. 

You like to think you're better than everyone else, that you're not oh ONE OF THEM, the common folk, the phillistines but in reality you are nto that special. The only thing that does make you different is that you're a complete utter failure and have depression so la dee da that makes you special. Why aren't so proud of that? 

Oh it's special because people can pity you and you can manipulate them with their pity and use them to just weedle out more time. But you dont' do anything.

God I hate you so much.


Emma said...

You REALLY need to speak to someone in real life about what you're going through.

You could try to get through this on your own, and let it run its course and take a while but solve things by yourself. Or you could get someone to help you, someone to force you out of your room, which would solve things in less time. Talking to someone would only jumpstart the solution and save you time.

But seriously, I think your inner dialogue is what any self-aware and intelligent woman thinks through at least once a week. You, like me, sound like a secret perfectionist. You aren't an overachiever but you set standards for yourself that are just as high. You need to identify those thought patterns and analyze whether they are helping you or just slowing you down. If they cause depression and low self-esteem like this, they are slowing you down.

Contact me through tumblr if you feel like talking (or whining, or whatever).

Jeff said...


This will seem stupid to many people, because I am writing to a dead person.

I don't know you and we have never met or even knew of each other's existence until your tragic fate. When I first heard of the news and saw your picture. I don't know why, but I felt torn and drawn to you. I became obsessed in finding news articles about the case. I tried but could not let it go. I became obsessed in finding more about you.

Now, after reading your tumblrs, tweets, and this blog. I am at a loss for words because I feel like I am literally staring at a mirror of myself. Your words are the very words I've spoken (and typed) in my life. Your questions are ones I've asked myself so many times. Your fears, regrets, and even the joys and cheers. I understand the cause of your depression, as it is for me... the unfulfillment of two greatest desires: to be loved, to be understood.

You are a perfectionist, and you are looking for perfect love. And so much that to the world you seem odd and out of place, this leaves you feeling like nobody understands you. At times you want to be like everyone else, but inside you know you cannot be contrary to yourself. You wonder often, why is it so easy for everyone else, why is it so hard for you.

I hope in death you will still be able to read this letter. Because at the very least, you would know... someone does understand. But even in death, you have helped others. Because knowing you, now I know... someone understands me. My whole life, I've asked that question too... if only... if only someone understands me. Understands what I am going through. The irony of life that I finally found someone who does, and she is gone.

My only regret is... not finding you sooner.


God bless you. Good journey...

C. LL. said...

Hey Jeff,
No it is not silly writing to a dead person as Elisa's thoughts lives on in the lives of many, yours and myself's included. Like you, her tragic death has drawn me into knowing more about her background. One question that stood out to me the most was: Why did she go to LA, and to a ghetto area of all places, by herself? Upon reading her backstory on her blog posts, I quickly found out why. I also found out she was not taking many classes as she was completely lost about what she wanted to do with her life. I am going through the exact same episode in my life except I am still taking classes but that only gives me a false sense of security. Without school, I really do not know where I belong.

While I regret not finding her sooner, at the very least, I know that there are probably more people like her, albeit a small percentage. Sadly, it seems like the misunderstood ones dwell almost exclusively on the Internet. It's like how Elisa mentioned that tumblr is the only place where she can find people who "get it" vs. real life where you have to weed out an army of masks. From my experiences, I've tried meeting many people through volunteer work but I always end up leaving as an empty shell. Are you currently a student by any chance?

Csgeek said...
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Anonymous said...

Reading through the blog also. I have to study/revise three years of course work for exams next week, but cannot stop trying to find out more. To be honest, I don't know if you would have been my friend in real life, I don't think I had your artistic appreciation of life and that probably would have frustrated you :) Either way, I am sorry that our paths did not cross earlier. You seem like such an amazing spirit. I will not forget your story. I promise x

Unknown said...

Hope you are doing better now. Life is eternal. Rest.

沈旻昊 said...


Anonymous said...

Rest well ❤❤

Danielmac said...

It is so eerie reading your blog Elisa. Your story is one of immense sorrow, mystery and conjecture. By reading your blog, it is clear how much pain you were dealing with during your ongoing struggle. Your writing is both poignant and candid and your honesty and transparency provides a touching look at what people living with depression, bi-polar and other mental illness' go through. Your story (post death) intrigued me and I was drawn to your tragic story. I hope that post tragedy, you found your peace :)
Rest well. Daniel

Anonymous said...

I am not a very spiritual person but I believe in sience and in "the law of conservation of energy" and that it is equally applicable to life and death as to electricity. Based on this theory, I know you are still beyond us.

I would like to tell you about a friend of mine.

His Name is Mike, he died one year ago. He had a loving girlfriend with whom he seemd to be really happy with, he had a job which wasn't payed good but what was fun, he had a sweet cosy apartment and not to forget about his goofy cat.

Mike had a lot luck in life, it wasn't always easy but he played the given cards the best. But he never felt really happy. He suffered from depression since years. He tried all to find a way out. He has been in therapy for years and took drugs to have a bit more controll of himself.

As everyone he had his up's and down's. No question. But it looked like he would have found a good way to handle his dark thoughts and feelings.

One year back, he had been visting a Hard Rock Festival, he lost controll of his feelings and thoughts and took a handfull of his drugs with alcohol. The moment when he realized what he actually did was the moment when he tried to get to the Medical-Tent. But the drugs already had effected his body, he lost controll and consciousness.

A few days later, he had already been transfered to a hospital but been in vigil coma since he lost consciousness, his brain stopped working.

Why am I telling you this ?

Well, his dead made a friend of mine who I haven't spoken for a couple of years because of some silly fight we've had, call me, infroming me about Mike's death. We met up. So many people who got together to help eachother to come to terms with his dead. People who have been close friends years ago but who lost track in "maturity".

I am sure it would have taken much longer for us to come together if we had not had such a tragic loss. And I am very thankfull for the gift he gave to all of us. He kind of enlightend us to enjoy the moment, to enjoy love and life and friendship and to not being angry about any stupid fight which is years ago.

I am reading the comments written down here and it seems like your dead has also brought some light into other peoples life. People who thought they are the only person on those plant who feels this way now know that they are not alone. There are more people having trouble finding a task in life. More people suffer from depression and even more learn to life with it and learn to be happy and accept the good things in life just as the things that they are.

I hope your loved ones can see how your dead has influenced people, how much love and empathy people have in their words when talking about or to you. I hope they can see that shadow has always light as a source. I hope that your loved ones understood that letting you go is in no realtion to stop loving you. I hope they have learned to laugh again.

I wish you, wherever you might be, that your heart will be filled with love, that your soul will be lightend by compassion, that your mind will be free to discover real happiness and peace.

natasha said...

Elisa... I know you're long dead, but if you should examine this blog and its comments in the afterlife, or my message somehow reaches you... I understand your feelings :( I'm so sorry you felt this way...

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who removed that comment above from after her death?? Does she have a family member or friend with the password?

Unknown said...

I think it was csgeek who removed the comment? The comment was removed by the author. Presumably the author of the post, not the blog. I hope and trust this clarifies matters Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Hey people, Im writing a story about this case. If any of u wanna talk about that, just let me know.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff. Hi everybody. And hi to Elisa's family and true friends.

The moment I read this blog post of Elisa, I immediately related so much to it. And I did not expect that. It only confirms that I've been battling depression myself. Fortunately, my struggle did not reach where Elisa's struggle did.
May Elisa's life and departure be a lesson for us all: The sufferers and the families and friends that surround our lives.
For us sufferers, let us always remind ourselves to be strong and never give up.
For the friends and families, please take the time to know, evaluate, love, care for and help us. Help us lead a productive, fulfilling life despite the condition that is upon us.
I refuse to view her story as a bizarre horror. I want to view it as a tragedy that brings us many lessons.
May God bless us all including Elisa's friends and family. Looking forward to a better 2015

Josh said...

You know, you've been gone a while, which makes me disappointed.. Upset.

As of now, I'm turning 15 in a few months. Although I never would've known you since I live on the other side of the world, I knew we would've been great friends if our paths had crossed.

The thing that disappoints me is that although there is such a large age gap, the similarity between you and me was so.. Unbearable. I had seen a reflection of myself. A girl that I understood that would've understood me too. All we both wanted is someone there, and I'll say that it would've been really nice to know you.

I'm in tears right now, sobbing, crying.. I'm only 14 but these questions you posed, the thoughts you had, the emotions you felt.. It just screamed out to me. I understand you.

I cannot believe the literal heart ache I'm currently feeling. The loss of a soul mate is what it feels like. Or a close friend. And it hurts me so much to know, that now that can never happen.

I admit, I don't have anyone who I thought understood me. All of my friends tried, but they just didn't see what I saw. But I know you did, and that puts me at ease.

Maybe your suicidal thoughts and your depression had some sort of role in your death, and all it would've taken was a friend. Someone who would be there for you and remind you that's it's okay. But it looks like that person never came.

I feel so upset.. The loss of someone I didn't even know who feels like my closest friend. If only you were still alive.. Well unfortunately that will never come.

Typing this, I'm not sure how to exactly feel. Happy that I found someone like me? Upset because I lost someone? I'm just... I'm speechless.

I cannot express my feelings towards this present moment. My thoughts, my emotions.. Truly inexpressible.

The lesson in this all.. Is to have faith, and know that there is someone out there for you. To keep pulling through whatever life has and keep on going, no matter what happens. We will all have bad times.

We should take these things as eye-opening.. To think about things, to re-evaluate our beliefs. We should take life and try not to waste it. Take everything to make yourself happy. And then when that time finally does come, all you have to do is say ''thank you'' and let it go.

To anyone who was close to Elisa reading this.. I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sure she was a great girl, and truly was a girl I would've loved to know, and know to love.

I will never forget you, Elisa. You will be with my in the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

Well... I can totally relate to what this post is about. I'm sorry you had to feel this way and I'm sorry you felt alone.

The only thing that probably got me through Bi-polar was my rock solid support system. I wish you had that too.

I hope where ever you are that you are no longer feeling this deep sadness that nothing seems to fill. I hope that you no longer feel worthless. I hope you found in death what you so lacked in life.

RIP, Elisa.

mjsmcd said...


mjsmcd said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the person who wrote it?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean clothes?

Matt said...

Hey Elisa,

I didn't know where to address you, but it seems here is a popular choice.

I only recently learned about what happened to you, and since then I've just felt really sad. Since reading much of what you've wrote online, it's made it that much harder to actually accept that you are gone from us. You really were a very sharp, clever, witty, and interesting person, although you probably never would admit that about yourself. Knowing that we've lost you, I'm just left with this feeling of abandonment.

Really so much of what you've said resonates with me. I can relate a great deal with your struggle, as I too have faced a life long sentence of crippling anxiety and depression. I too am a hermit, hiding away form the world, spending every waking hour scouring the Internet for confirmation that I am not alone, that there are other people on this planet like me. Heck, I'm awed just by what you've shared about your own life experiences, it's honestly so much more than I could fathom. So in that regard, you are an inspiration.

I guess it's human nature to question "where was I, when this person desperately need help?". Well, I was here. Doing nothing. Helping no one. Avoiding reality the day you passed, which was on my 24th birthday. A day I still remember quite crisply, and a day spent mostly alone, on the Internet.

I hope to some day conquer my own struggle, to overcome that haunting feeling that I'm wasting my life. I hope to find someone out there similar to you, someone I can really connect with and spend the rest of my life with, knowing that not a second more is going to waste. I'm not going to give up, I know you never would've. I've always wanted to compose some of my own music, when I do get to that, I hope you don't mind if I write a song for you. :)

You've touched many lives Elisa, probably even saved a lot of people too. I'm not exactly religious, but I feel this life isn't the end. I'm confident you can understand this, which is why I am writing you. So, thanks for being awesome. You give me hope, even though I am sad. I am thankful that our paths crossed at all. I would so love to chat you up on so many things.

Well, I'll stop rambling on now I'm sure you get the point. Just send a little motivation my way every now and then, when I think of you I'll just know who it's from.

Love and best wishes, all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Elisa, your bipolar and mine sound too similar for words; would that you had not left us, that you had been able to get help, that you had been able to stay with us.

It seems stupid writing to a dead person but I don't care. I'll do it anyway.

What you talk about and even what medication you are on parallels my life so much. I am 30. I have had this mental hellfire for half my life... and it never goes away. It can be subdued temporarily, but it never goes away.

The video I have seen of your behaviour is too much like mine for me to have watched the entire thing.

This is garbled. I don't know how to express things. I wish you had been in this country, been my friend. I never knew you but there appears a bit of a hole in my heart knowing you're gone.

Anonymous said...

No one should apologize for addressing a person that no longer resides on Earth. So many of us bipolar folks relate to her words because we have at one time or another felt EXACTLY as she did. I wish I had known her because something inside makes me think I could have helped her. I used to stay at the Cecil in 2005 and 2006 when I was a junkie and I can attest to that place's utter darkness. It was a dangerous place for a street-smart, 6'1" man. I can't imagine the possibilities for a vulnerable, sweet, and trusting young lady. I think she might have trusted the wrong sort...someone who conviced her to try drugs and that combined with her vulnerability led to foul play. The Cecil is a drug hotel and such a bad place for such as Elisa. I wish I could have found her there and protected her in some way.

Unknown said...

You are not alone.

I know you will find happiness, in your current life form or the next.

Anonymous said...

Daniel is travelling out on a plane. i can see the red tail light having ............ oh well i can see daniel waving goodbye

Anonymous said...

I find it courageous that she went to this shady hotel alone, I think women should be more careful when travelling :(

Anonymous said...

I have been drawn to you since I first heard about your death. It frustrates me that no one can figure out what happened to you. I hope some day soon your family can get closure. Rest in peace Elisa.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she had dissociative identity disorder? The words she says and the manner in which she answers herself really indicate to me that she could have had that disorder.... Which is co..only misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. I'm not sure why no one else has ever really talked about that possibility. And what does her family think of the situation? If she was really I'll would they have let her travel to the states alone? In LA of all places? Just seems strange. God rest your soul, Elisa.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like she had dissociative identity disorder? The words she says and the manner in which she answers herself really indicate to me that she could have had that disorder.... Which is co..only misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder. I'm not sure why no one else has ever really talked about that possibility. And what does her family think of the situation? If she was really I'll would they have let her travel to the states alone? In LA of all places? Just seems strange. God rest your soul, Elisa.

Anonymous said...

Elisa is still in that hotel.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Words cannot explain the clarity I felt from reading your posts. I wanted to take my time to tell you and anybody else that might be reading no matter the hardships you endure at the end of the day I UNDERSTAND and I ACCEPT you for you.

We forget that we're all in this together. No matter race or religion we are all capable of saving one another. Nowadays it scarcely happens. But as some comments have said your tragic loss was our hopeful gain. Yes it is a shame that we couldn't get better acquainted but I saw many hopeful souls ermerge, so many that I could relate to. And I thought I was lost as the next soul. Yet seeing these people come together and still hold conversation with you is amazing.

This world may not have done you any justice however I believe, no scratch that I know without a doubt you have left your mark here.

I wish you luck on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, it's me, Elisa. Please don't think too hard about how I managed to get this message to you, just know that I thank you for your thoughts and words. Everything that is here in this ugly, beautiful universe right now, has always been here and will always be here. Remember that. And, everybody else, I am ok. I'm fine like this. Thank you all.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way Jeff I saw the elevator video a few days ago it haunted me so I looked up more about the case it just doesn't make sense. But I hope she is at peace.As for the anonymous poster claiming to be Elisa your probably not her but maybe someone who has a deep connection with the dead???

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way Jeff I saw the elevator video a few days ago it haunted me I looked up more about the case it just doesn't make sense. But I hope she is at peace.As for the anonymous poster claiming to be Elisa your probably not her but maybe someone who has a deep connection with the dead???

Anonymous said...

elisa foi morta por um dos funcionários do hotel, quando ela estava no elevador estava tentando fugir de seu assassino, tentando ativar o fechamento da porta, que ele estava segurando colocando a mão no botão do corredor onde a camera não filmava, ela estava falando depois desesperada com um dos hospedes que reclamou do barulho, e pediu para que ela parasse, e fosse para a escada externa do prédio, e o funcionário disse que a ajudaria e que ele estava apenas brincando com ela, mas ele mentiu somente para enganar a menina, não estava drogada ou bebada, era apenas uma adolescente normal querendo uma vida cheia de emoções, um dos vizinhos do andar debaixo disse que ouviu uma pancada muito forte naquela mesma madrugada, e depois o apartamento dele inundou, ele reclamou na hora, mas a administração do hotel disse que não havia nenhum prolema na tubulação de agua, infelizmente nos EUA as casas, apartamentos não tem segurança, faltam muros, cercas eletricas e interfones com cameras nos portoes e corredores dos edificios, além de escadas internas e tanques de agua fechados com cadeados... enfim ela foi estuprada antes de morrer, mas estava inconsciente quando foi colocada no tanque a força sendo esfolada toda sua pele, suas roupas foram jogadas em seguida, e o funcionario trocou a tampa do tanque de agua do prédio, e depois ainda usou a chave de segurança para não disparar o alarme, elisa não se suicidou, ela estava apavorada tentando sinalizar o perigo quando viu que estava presa no elevador, infelizmente ninguém identificou o funcionario, a policia dos eua deu como suicidio, o que é realmente impossivel pois o tanque foi fechado pelo lado de fora, e a tampa foi trocada, além disso a menina não conhecia o local escuro durante a madrugada e não sabia sequer onde estavam os tanques e como poderia abrir qualquer coisa, e ela também não tinha a chave de segurança, o alarme teria disparado, não existe nada de paranormal nisso, apenas um maldito tarado asqueroso doente, que estuprou e matou uma menina ingenua sozinha em um local perigoso, cheio de bandidos, a segurança dos eua é pessima, felizmente onde eu moro não existe isso, se fosse aqui, as escadas são internas e portas são trancadas só o gerente tem as chaves... um amigo meu detetive americano teve acesso ao audio do video, ele postou no youtube :)

Anonymous said...

o detetive disse que o cloro apagou os sinais de esperma do corpo dela, também mais de 10 dias apodrecendo apagam qualquer vestigio de DNA, se voce aqui onde eu vivo a policia teria olhado nos tanques no primeiro dia, a menina foi jogada la durante a madrugada ele a estuprou na cobertura do predio, pois ela já estava desmaiada, segundo a pancada que recebeu na cabeça e foi ouvida pelo hospede do andar de baixo, tanto a afirmação, de suicidio, quanto o laudo de autopsia são falsos, a menina era uma adolescente normal querendo viver emoções, com pouco juizo na cabeça, é normal quando se é jovem... mas ela pagou caro por isso, escolheu o lugar errado e o pais errado... o assassino dela estava do lado esquerdo do video, segurando o botão do elevador foi por isso que a porta não quis fechar no inicio do video, e quando ela olha para o lado direito ela tenta sinalizar para disparar o alarme de segurança para atrair a atenção dos hospedes que não fizeram nada a não ser pedir para que ela ficasse quieta e usasse as escadas, justamente escadas externas que dão saida para a rua e também para a cobertura do edificio escura, um local perfeito para estuprar e matar, enfim ela não teria sido morta se ela continuasse dentro do elevador, o funcionario não entrou lá atras dela porque ele sabia que aquele predio absurdo só tem cameras dentro do elevador, e não nos corredores que é o normal de um edificio seguro.... com escadas internas e cobertura trancada pelo gerente como são os edificios aqui :) infelizmente a ingenuidade dela, custou a vida dela, só o local que ela escolheu já tem um passado horrivel, devido a falta de segurança, e nem assim ninguem arrumou as escadas e a cobertura continua aberta... é realmente o fim do mundo, fico feliz por ter nascido no brasil, aqui os hoteis não tem acesso para a rua, hoteis de luxo então é como um banco blindado... se ela tivesse se hospedado aqui estaria viva tem cameras nos corredores e chaves são com o gerente... são pequenos detalhes que fazem toda diferença, na hora de saber uem vive ou quem morre. Infelizmente agora é tarde demais, ela estava em panico de medo, mas não era louca ou bipolar, qualquer garota entraria em panico, vendo seu assassino segurar o elevador... RIP a proposito o funcionario editou o video, ele deixou borrado o tempo, e retirou 50 segundos de lá, ele teve acesso ao video antes da policia, removeu até o audio, para parecer que a menina estava louca, e a policia não prendeu ninguém, isso é ridiculo...

Anonymous said...

L.a.m I know who you really are now, I also know that you still read these daily, if you want my silence respond to the crop number 00299817.

Anonymous said...


Mychaela said...

Hi, Elisa.

Really, I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish by posting this here. Maybe just to vent. Maybe in hopes that somehow you get this message. I felt here was a better place than your tumblr's askbox.

Reading your posts, I can't help but feel we're too similar. We might have been friends, had I been a little older and discovered tumblr earlier.

The case of your death keeps drawing me to it. I don't know what it is.
I feel like we're missing something big about it. Yes, you were depressed and you have episodes, but why that place? What happened to you that night? If you did do it to yourself, what pushed you to it?

It really just... scares me.
I have depression as well. I was better for a while, I was getting my life on track again and got my GED (I dropped out because of it) and actually started college.
I was going to do something with my life.
But now
I lost that drive
I feel like there's no point in me being alive
I hate myself too, sometimes. I have a boyfriend and wonderful friends, and they would disagree with the things I say about myself if they ever knew what I thought. I don't let anyone know anymore. They couldn't help me.

Some days are good, I'll be happy. Some days I dont feel anything. Some days I cry a lot and all I can focus on is everything bad about myself.

But, in spite of all that, I draw.
I love drawing.
It's the only thing I'm really decent at. I can code in C++, thanks to a few college classes but I don't enjoy it as much as drawing.
I want to draw for you, Elisa. And for everyone else who can't.
I might not contribute to society, at least not in such a meaningful way.
But I want to make people like you smile, even for just a minute.
If I could do that to people, I think it would all be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I have read Ms. Lam's blog and have read many of the comments on each of her posts. I've been through depths of depression that I refuse to think about in their entirety, but I am so glad to know that I am through the darkness at this point. If anything positive can come from the tragic death of this beautiful soul Elise, it would be for those suffering from depression to know that there are so many others that are going through that same battle beside you, and the ones that are not beside you, are here to talk with you and help when reached for. You have to know that you are not alone and to give family, friends and even strangers the chance to help. The world we have today is full of daily challenges that were not faced decades, even a few years ago, and it will take help from anyone willing to give it, for someone to come out of depression. I am here to tell anyone reading this that life will improve. You are here for a reason. There are people that love you that you have no idea of and if someone is meant to be the person to help you, they will be the one that does not turn their back on you when asked. Just ask. Do something out of your comfort zone. I am right now. I never acknowledged the dark places my depression took me, but I am now. I am able to look at my family and friends around me today and say I never thought life could be this beautiful. My darkness was flooded by light and I am so grateful that I chose not to give up. So grateful.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace!, I must say I am quite haunted over this? I really do believe it has something to do with the Paranormal, My friend visited the Cecil Hotel in March 1997 and she told me she was quite spooked as she experienced what is called 'Sleep Paralysis' she could not move or talk and had something sitting on her chest, when she could move, she got her bags and left straight away, this was the one and only time she had experienced sleep paralysis. I know it is not what happened to you, but it makes you think that there could be some type of dark negative energy there, I maybe wrong but I am sharing this as in case one day a paranormal group decides to investigate that hotel? take care you are in Gods hands.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace dear Elisa. You seemed like a friend I would love to have. I can relate to your blog. I've been to that dark place before and feeling the way you have expressed so perfectly. I'm so sorry what happened to you. Your story haunts me and I felt the need to read more about you. I'm glad I found your blog. With love and respect dear Elisa.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Piece Elisa. You were taken too soon.

JR said...

Why did you press the elevator buttons in that order?

JR said...

my first guess is the hotel maintenance workers. they had access to the video. they had access to disable the elevator. they had exclusive knowledge on how to gain access to the secured water tanks. I'll bet the maintenance live on site also. seems like the place may just have a psychopathic maintenance worker (or 2).

Anonymous said...

Elisa, I feel such a connection with you...I too have been battling anxiety and depression for my entire life, as far back as I can remember...I've always been a loner and felt different from everyone else, I FEEL more than everyone else it seems and I know that sounds vain but its not that I think I'm better bc of it, on the contrary I feel like an oddity, a freak and I'm so unable to communicate with all the people around one understands me...hell, I don't even understand me! My mind is a jumble and I feel more at home in my dreams than in reality...anyway, my point is that reading your blogs and profile I get a picture of someone so like me in so many ways, but have felt my hatred of myself, my love of the universe, my hopelessness and my hope, my pain, my need to hide from the world and my need to give something, contribute something to the believe what I believe and see what I see and more...I had never heard your story until today...I was intrigued and drawn to you and I've spent more than ten hours reading all I can about you and your life and death today...I can't explain completely how I feel but I just know that we are connected somehow and I so hope that you are at peace now and you have all the answers you didn't have in this life...I hope one day I'll have them too and that I leave something good behind when I leave this world...I hope wherever you are now that you know just how special you are and how much your words have helped others...RIP Elisa Lam, you are a beautiful soul.

Unknown said...

Dude, shes dead.

Unknown said...

i dont know why i message a dead person, but i just need to tell you this,im so sorry for what happend to you..from the day i found your case i..i just feel that if i found you earlier maybe i should help you..maybe i should tell you not to go to that hotel i should talk to you i dont know..i should do something.i want to tell you that, someone understands you! i understand you. I feel the same way as you was feeling..RIP LL.I hope,one day we will find out what REALLY happend to you.

ROCKMAN X said...

Its amazing how people just "die" and yet people try to talk to you.

Timothy said...

In 2013... This was before she died

Anonymous said...

Dear Elisa

I also have been captured by your story and I have read and watched everything I could find, many hours, trying to find the truth of what happened to you. I think I have found it in this blog .. I do believe the message for Jeff was from you, you are such a kind soul. I suffer from depression and low self esteem for most of my life now, I do not feel so much socially awkward as I feel simply unatractive and I feel like people do not care and I'm about to lose even my oldest and dearest friends. People confuse me a lot .. I hope it will get better. I have been living during the night time aswell ans being onine like you did. You have helped me see that I am not the only person that feels this way, thank you for that from the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing and reaching out to others. If you want the world to know who did this to you, give us a name or a hint. I think I may know, but I'm not certain, as there are so many coincidences surrounding your death, seriously spooky.. I had a sense of you last two days, as a spirit and to be honest it was scary and not pleasant, it was an image of darkness and pain, and madness, I truly hope that is not the place you are in. So many of us care, even though we did not have the pleasure of meeting you and you are in our thoughts, filled with love, light and care. Be well precious soul, and I will be playing your song. Lots of love to you dear

W said...

Dear Elisa,

It's been almost 3 years since you left this world, but I find my thoughts drifting to you every now and then. I doubt you remember me, but we had a history class together back in 2011/2012, and sat a few seats from each other. You talked mostly to M, and I remember you being a vivacious and energetic sort of person.

What haunts me is that your Tumblr reblogged my posts at the end of February and beginning of March 2013, which distressed me to no ends at the time. The fact that only days before disappearing, you were scrolling through the photos and ramblings of a fellow classmate who also suffered from depression, which is unsettling, yet strangely poignant.

I wish I could've spoken to you, just once; perhaps we would've found solace in each other and and somehow alleviated the woes of mental illness. If only I had gotten to know you before it was too late, because you were no doubt a brave, intelligent, and exceptional human being.

Wherever you are now, I hope it's a better place <3

Unknown said...

As long as we continue to remember Elisa, she is still with us and we with her.

My the Lord keep you by his side, Rest in Peace Dear.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous that youre on the other side,
I've always pulled back at the last moment.
You're immortal now... hope it was worth it.

Unknown said...

I'm from Brazil and I'm sad with this case... 3 years... Without answer... And many questions... I cry for her... I hope that in the near future ... Everything can be solved ... My biggest regret is not being able to do anything...
To be honest, I feel very guilty about it ... I feel that if I met her while she was alive, this would not happen, I wish I could have helped her, holding her, comforting her and understand her ... I think she would be the person who would understand me ... I got involved with this emocionalmente and with your blog ... I just involving me more ... I think that for a moment I fell in love ... Maybe ... I hope you rest in peace which is at peace and that someday, somewhere, we can meet.
RIP Elisa Lam <3

Unknown said...

Am i the only one who notices the creepy post above of someone posing as elisa here....time stamp for the post says may 30th 2015......

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What do you mean by this question?

Malasile said...


Even in death, you've made a difference. I don't think it was coincidence that I stumbled across your tragic story. Especially at my lowest.

Thank you for saving me. I really wish we could have met when you were alive. I would have loved you.

*Rest In Peace*

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful how Elisa seems to have helped a number of people who suffer with depression because they've read some of her internet writings about the subject and subsequently felt less alone because of it.

CF said...

Seriously rach gallagher, know the facts first before commenting

Anonymous said...

Yes depression is something that truly connects those with it. It sends us into a world that passes us by, and we see it, we know it and we feel it, yet cannot show it.

I came across Elisa not long ago and studied the case in its fullest, putting the story together gave me answers and the more questions that popped up in this tragic story I searched and searched.

RIP Elisa, we will continue to support you in this world and your legacy will not be lost.


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

wish I can help you a bit thru myself experiences,
wish I knew you earlier to give you warring when you had a trip in usa. may not listen to your parents but may accept experienced friend's who won't stop what your desiring but frequently remind safe.
you telling lots but not the cell phone you lost that might help whether someone stolen from your room, or you lost when you went out.
you didn't mention switch room that with or w/o toilet so can figure out why you went 14th floor and why pressed those buttons.
like others here I tried to read all you-related stories, hoping one day your family thru the whole true stories happened to you can have a peace... Justice is very hard to get especially if weapon company, soldier, rich and famous(good or bad reputation) singer/businessmen involved... that is what I saw in usa, many cases are not solved and closed unusual ways.
Many outsiders didn't know usa well and got deadly hurt.... it is very dangerous place.

Anonymous said...

Gone but NEVER forgotten ..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2017!!! 5 years after your passing and you're still bringing people together who share similar experiences!
Let this be an eye opener!!
We are not alone BUT we need to talk about it!
depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses are not just something private!!
we need to share our experiences, make it public!! so that others can relate!

Elisa Lam I hope you found peace <3

Anonymous said...

4 years ago today she left this world.

Hope she found her heaven ..

Anonymous said...

You'll never know how much we miss you

Anonymous said...

Elisa lam was murdered by two men at the hotel.

Anonymous said...

I hope you're resting well, angel.

Nadia said...

Great post. Even though it's concerning a sad subject it is written extremely well and conveys the very essence of human suffering succinctly.

Many people still wonder exactly what happened to you. Were you killed? Did you unconsciously want to die and therefore caused the accident? Was there some mysterious conspiracy?

Whatever the case, it's really a blessing that your writings are still available online for people to read and absorb. I'm sure you would have liked that fact. In all likelihood you would have made an excellent author.

I hope you enjoyed your short journey on this planet. Rest in peace now.

Anonymous said...

I often think of you.

Anonymous said...


mt said...

If real; in ether fields now... :)

secret someone said...

an unusual case an unusual person A case that has not been solved for 6 years and can not be resolved forever elisa was a naive girl for this world and I think he's still living around here I'm very curious about the family and the story I'm very curious about the family and the story I'm very curious about the family and the story there You're happy
That's why
I'm happy

sleep well...

florence said...

its been so long. most of us have forgotten about you. im sorry for that. it would have been nice to say hello to you.

you were very naive. you were idealistic. and even now you have people telling you that your ideals were not toxic at all. especially the men.

i wish you had just learned before you died. if you had just been wiser.

AWOL said...

Dear Elisa, I think of you often. I wonder if you ever heard voices? When I see you in the elevator, and read your blogs, they remind me of something. Were you looking left and right to identify where the voice came from? Were you rubbing your temples to focus on the absurd nature of an intrusive word (not thought)? Were you vulnerable to a man’s affection? Did he lure you somewhere? Were you wearing his shorts? Did he enjoy frightening you? Did he calm and soothe you down after he aroused your fear? Did you enjoy it in some peculiar way? Did you believe he was trying to help you? Were you attracted to money and fashion? You are a beautiful soul, clearly intelligent yet pained, as most of us are. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Rest in peace LL said...

I don't really know much about the deceased lady here and how hard her life used to be, and I also don't know the deep and severe her depression was for her but I'm pretty sure about one thing here.

She was such a gifted person and had a great artistic soul herself. If things could have gone smoother while she was alive, she could've enjoyed her life better than the way she actually did.

I want to tell her that people whom others may not even imagine having depression themselves (like me) also more or less go through depressive episodes pretty often in their lives. I believe a lot of people with mild depressive episodes just pretend they are okay and wait it disappears. That's what life is about. We all live with the mask on our faces. That's it Elisa.

You were the one who was more valuable than you ever considered yourself.

May you rest in peace.

Jeff said...

What is?

Jeff said...


Jeff said...

Not a student anymore

Alfredo said...

Descansa en paz, querida.

Anastasia said...

Jeff, are you the same Jeff that posted in 2013?

I feel like Elisa is speaking from my soul. I think there are way more people that would understand us, not only on the internet, if we all just opened up to each other.
I am greatful that her words are still available to read online. I feel at home in her words...Right now I am in bed, listening to the music she liked and I feel like her spirit is close to me. Even though I dont really believe in that stuff.
I have been struggling with depression for many years and it has let to a point in my life where I have been repeating the same year of university three times already, spending way too much money while being stuck and not able to move forward in life. But I am keeping my hope alive.
Thank you Elisa for being so open about your mental health and for sharing your thoughts and feelings... rest in peace. - Anastasia

Clipping Path said...

Awesome article! Thank you for this article.

aude said...

Bonjour Elisa,
Je sais que tu es décédée il y a très longtemps, cela fait presque sept ans je crois...
Dans les reportages, j'ai entendu dire que tu avais fait une grosse dépression avant ta mort. Avoir fait un blog pour partager tes sentiments aux gens est une très bonne chose pour s'exprimer. Je pense qu'avoir créé un blog était un peu ton jardin secret...

Ce que tu as vécu a sûrement été horrible, et j'en suis désolée pour toi. Que ton âme, je le souhaite profondément, repose en paix.
Je n'ai pas lu tous tes posts, mais je tenais vraiment à laisser un commentaire sur ton dernier blog.
Je lirai tes blogs, tous sans exception, parce que je veux te faire hommage. Ton histoire est certes triste, tu es morte en souffrant, très probablement, mais maintenant je suis sûre et certaine que tu es heureuse là où tu es. Je ne sais pas si c'est horrible de dire ça, je ne suis pas une experte en la matière sur le fait de passer un message sur les blogs d'un décédé, mais je voulais te dire absolument : "Repose en paix".
Oui, repose en paix, Élisa. Si je le pouvais, je t'aurais même donnée une rose blanche sur ta tombe, pour te rendre hommage, tellement je suis triste mais heureuse car je suis sûre que maintenant ton âme est en paix.

Dana Flores said...

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Anonymous said...

I am ok

Anonymous said...

She's better off dead. Lol

Anonymous said...

(Galatea) Ya know the story about Elisa Lam, the girl in the elevator who was hiding from something. Then she went out to talk to it, and she started waving her hands weirdly. So, I wanted to ask what did she see or what was she running from?

[ Elisa Lam Elevator footage ]

A: Golem!

Q: (Galatea) It looked like Gollum?

(L) It's a Jewish monster.

(Pierre) Made from mud.

(Galatea) It was actually a mud monster?

A: Close.

Q: (Galatea) Must freak you out to see that!

(Perceval) Did she herself climb into the water tank?

A: No

Q: (Perceval) How did she get into that water tank?

A: Spacetime distortion.

Q: (Atreides) But a golem is an instrument of revenge created by someone to kill or protect somebody else. So, if it's a golem, who sent it and why was it targeting a Canadian Chinese girl in Los Angeles?

A: Target practice. There is a reason that Galatea thought of it at this moment.

Q: (L) So, we're talking about some kind of thing that blows open realm curtains?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And things come through?

A: Yes

Q: (Atreides) So nobody sent the golem after her?

A: Not specifically.

Q: (L) So, it's just kinda like mothman or something.

(Approaching Infinity) A golem is this Jewish myth kind of thing, and they said target practice...

(L) Don't get stuck on the Jewish myth thing.

(Approaching Infinity) Yeah, but we've talked about energy weapons, and target practice. And Mossad...

(L) Golem, Kabbalists...

(Chu) And two girls missing due to spacetime distortion...

(Andromeda) And funny enough, me and Perceval just watched an episode of the X-Files about a golem a few nights ago.

(L) Oh my god!

(Andromeda) And last night it was about an airplane crash due to alien interference!

(L) Okay, creeped out now... Well, we're gonna...

(Galatea) Wait, when Elisa Lam was moving her hands in this really bizarre way in the elevator video, why was she moving her hands like that?

A: Trying to persuade the creature to leave her alone.

Q: (Perceval) Is something that only she could see?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So, it kind of like created some kind of alternate reality around her, or she was transported into a parallel...

A: Partly.

Q: (Galatea) It was attuned to her specifically.

(Perceval) A bleedthrough, yeah.

(Atreides) So, what did the golem that's not a golem want from her?

A: Energy.

Q: (Galatea) Does that golem live in that specific place, or was that a one-time thing?

A: The location has useful energy patterns for such purposes.

[ Information on the hotel Elisa Lam stayed at: _ ]

Q: (L) So basically, there are just people who have these things and who like sit in their little control booths or something, and... I mean like all these missing people in this Missing 411 book... Somebody is just frickin' playing with the human race!

A: Yes