the continuation

It's the Rachel Comey Mars boots
. . . in black leather
. . . in my size
. . . with 10% off

. . .

Oh no



you have a great blog, really like this post :)

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asha said...

I really want these too. I've heard that the quality is lacking a little, which has been putting me off. If you purchase them, you should post a review!

L.L. said...

Thank you Fashion Smiley. Unfortunately I can't read Slovak but I will be sure to check out the photos

Asha- I like them very much but the heel is a little too high for everyday walking. The leather is buttery soft and the nougat is a very nice colour but I prefer black. I think I will hold out and see if I can get the IM boots in leather. If I get on a waitlist now, I might be able to get one in the fall shipment.

Rand T said...

woww just beautiful!!!xx

The Anthology said...

It's calling to you!

Love that boot!


asha said...

How do you get on a waitlist? I love IM boots but can't stand suede. I'm leaning towards Rag and Bone in the boots department. Or perhaps getting some made?