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As much as I love my Chuck's, I can't wear them everywhere or else they don't last very long.
Last Christmas I was in San Francisco and went to the outlet where I got the Jack Purcell x Converse leather velcro sneakers I've been wanting since they were released years ago.

They soles are much thicker than the regular Converses. I find the Jack Purcell style Converses are usually better quality and look more feminine. Unfortunately I know the velcro will wear out so I've been avoiding any unnecessary tightening/loosening.

Converses have been my shoes since high school and I will never stop wearing them (I also wore skate shoes during my "punk rock" phase they are sooo comfy and indestructible) I have two battered pairs of Chucks that I can't seem to dump, a sparkly silver sequined pair along with the classic black one I'm starting to break into. To be honest whenever I'm at an outlet, I end up buying a pair to replace the soon-to-be worn out everyday pair. I can go through about a pair a year (worn from January to December nearly everyday) and it's rather wasteful.

In this process of expanding my essentials, I'm looking for which shoes will be compatible with my wardrobe. As I grow older, I need other options that are more elegant that sneakers. Aside from high heels (which have an entirely different criteria), these shoes must be comfortable since I take public transportation but still beautiful.

While I think ballet flats are a staple, they don't provide proper support so I don't think of them as an "everyday" shoe. My dream flats would be a toss up between Ferragamo Verina, Chanel or Repetto's but at their price I'll be worrying about getting them wet and muddy in rain.


As for boots, I've been looking for the perfect pair for a long time. Nothing beats my Hunter boots when it rains but I really want a leather boot. I've held off buying a pair of leather boots for years because I don't want to settle for a cheaper pair from Aldo's made of synthetic leather. I basically want to make one purchase that I will care for and it will last for 10 years. Although the quality of Frye boots has been said to be comprised over the years, I've found a pair that I really like and I'm in the process of saving for. If I had the money, I would consider buying an actual equestrian boot.

Frye Veronica Slouch

Loafers are very comfortable with a huge price range. I think Clarks and Cole Haan make some reasonably priced ones that you can get on sale easily. I like the idea of them but I'm not quite sure I can wear them without looking granny-ish. I doubt I will pull them off like Alexa Chung but it is still worth a try.

I would prefer an oxford over an loafer but since they've come into style, I'm having a hard time finding one that isn't cheaply made for a passing novelty. I'm picky about the shape of the toe with can either make my legs slender or stumpy. If you can't tell, I'm a stickler for leather so no suede or canvas.
So far, the only place I can find such a shoe is in the men's section. I've contemplated buying one in my size since you can get a well made leather pair at a reasonable price (unlike women's brogues). Church's are my ideal oxfords but at $600, I really need to save up for it. I'm very upset when I remember seeing a pair of F-Troupe leather brogues that were very similar and less than $200 BUT F-Troupe isn't making them this year!

I like Dieppa Restrepo's oxfords and they are cheaper than Church's but unfortunately they don't stock them in my city so I can't try them on. Must find an excuse to visit Totokaelo!

Dieppa Restreo Cali Oxford

I was inspired by this photo to get a pair of saddle shoes.
They are very similar to brogues and I like that they are two-toned. I don't wear knee-high socks or floral skirts so the school girl references will be minimal. In theory, I think I could wear them with jeans but I will have to wait until I try them on
I'm not keen on the soles being so noticeable but all of them are like that.
I'm really hoping these will work or else I'll be going through another search party. Quite frankly I can't figure out why this is such a difficult process. Am I horribly picky or is it the retailer's fault for carrying so much crappy quality things. After reading Dead Fleurette's blog, I find more reasons to be more discerning than before. I think when it comes to highly used items like shoes and bags, it is better to spend more. The problem is finding something worth buying. Someone was right when they said only the rich can afford to buy cheap shoes.

Have a lovely day!

For amusement I bring you this:

They aren't for sale yet but the store carries all sorts of interesting novelty items that would make great presents.


t said...

Nice shoes!

Ane said...

I've been looking for a pair of oxfordshoes, and yesterday I found these from N.D.C, and I'm planning to buy them pretty soon:

Charles said...

I wish I could buy them for you lovely Elisa.