If anyone has been on my tumblr, it's evident I love breton shirts.
Unfortunately I have only one actual breton top: a blue and white Filippa K cotton top.

I do have red and pink stripes long sleeve from Gap that I picked up at a thrift store for $6. Undoubtedly one of my favourite shirts but it's starting to become worn out.

I have heard great things about Saint James breton tops but after trying them on, I didn't like the fit. Somehow it was a little too boxy for me and the neckline wasn't very flattering.

I did try on a breton from Chauncey and absolutely loved the cut. The material is similar to Saint James although the price is nearly double. The main difference is that there are darts at the elbows which make it perfect for pushing up the sleeves.

Chauncey is a menswear line but hopefully they'll start designing for women too.

I would love to hear some suggestions for breton tops since the Chauncey is too pricey for me right now.



Anonymous said...

I have heard that APC makes great breton shirts!

Unknown said...

i love that striped top!
<3 steffy
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Lindsay K said...

I love a breton shirt. I want to like the Saint James shirts because they are so iconic, but the fit doesn't suit me. They are so boxy. I hate that I rarely get to wear my striped shirts:( Your shirt looks lovely.

asha said...

I have one by Sportscraft- they are an Australian brand, mine is 100% linen. Not sure where you are in the world, so that may not be an option :(