This is the most accurate portrayal of depression I have seen.

"It's disappointing to feel sad for no reason. Sadness can be almost pleasantly indulgent when you have a way to justify it - you can listen to sad music and imagine yourself as the protagonist in a dramatic movie. You can gaze out the window while you're crying and think "This is so sad. I can't even believe how sad this whole situation is. I bet even a reenactment of my sadness could bring an entire theater audience to tears."

But my sadness didn't have a purpose.  Listening to sad music and imagining that my life was a movie just made me feel kind of weird because I couldn't really get behind the idea of a movie where the character is sad for no reason."

Depression sucks. Period. If someone says to you they have depression, don't ask why. There is no why. Don't say "Stop being sad." That is not helpful. Just be around and make sure they eat and go outside. Remind them every day it will get better. Tell them every day you love them and losing them would be unbearable. There is nothing else you can do. 

Thank you Allie Brosh and I wish you the best.


Unknown said...

Life can be sad and lonely. We should be closer and more helpful to those in need. Wish there had been someone there for you. You seem like a brilliant and interesting person. Life is a continuing process. If and until we meet,hope you are at rest. Many people have learned from you. You continue to help me and others.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had done this Elisa. I so much wish I had. I hope you and others like you can forgive us that were too selfish or dumb to know better. I lost someone like you and didn't know how much they needed what was in your last paragraph. I thought I was depressed too but I just didn't really understand. Tell him I'm sorry if you are all together out there somewhere. Please tell him I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

U were the Great Depression of ur parents. Good riddance.