Why I hate street style photography by Anders Christian Madsen

If you’re a woman and you want to be photographed by a major street style photographer, follow these simple rules: wear lots of big tawdry jewellery, have a tiny it-clutch (because that’s so practical for fashion week), wear heels that look like they were built in Lego by a special child, try to be a model or at least have a model’s body, and most importantly, wear a runway look. You’re only allowed to style your outfit with accessories. Apart from that you should be in a full look from a major fashion label, the way it was worn on the runway. Should you not live up to the body requirements, you may be still be featured but only as an accessories shot. There are no fat people in the street, as you know..

I don't get the appeal of Hanneli and Madsen pretty much sums it up why. 

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