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Courtesy of Grandoise Lab

How perfectly morbid and beautiful. I must also commend this because it's Canadian!
But I wouldn't want to use this soap; it would be for display purposes and I would actually be upset if someone did use it wash their hands.

On the subject of Canadians, I was happy to see Naomi Klein on Up with Chris Hayes.
I'm so happy msnbc doesn't put a region block so I can enjoy his show online. I am most certainly not a morning person and on the weekends, even less so.
And thank god I found out about him. Colbert and Stewart are off this week!

It has begun. There is less time with the sun and the weather is getting colder. 
I'm considering burning my Tocca Stella candle but it just looks so pretty. I really like that all Tocca candles come with their own beautiful matchbook and of course I don't want to use it.

I think this is a relatively good start on my goal to blogging more often and with more writing. It's on the more frivolous side but it's a start. I've already edited it a few times because I have found grammatical and syntax errors. I would appreciate if you find a mistake to let me know about it. 
I think part of my reluctance (or lack of wanting) to be more pro-active on my blog is because I'm gun shy of putting myself out on the internet. It's a wonderful but scary place, full of judgement. 
People can hide behind their screens but I too can just as easily hide behind mine.


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The accompanying pictures have gone but they can still be viewed here - http://elisafields.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/how-perfectly-morbid-and-beautiful.html

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