the rain in spain

I think I'm going to try and do more writing on this blog. For one, my spelling is atrocious in comparison to my grade 7 self or I'm just lazy now because I can use google whenever I don't know how to spell something.

I also need to work on articulating my ideas. There is nothing wrong with free conscious writing but it's better if people are actually able to follow your train of thoughts. Editing is necessary.

Blogs have the option of comments meaning there is the possibility of a dialogue and I'm hoping to incite a discussion here. I'm wrapped up in my own head too much and that needs to change.

I need an outlet for my opinionated self and I'm going to work on producing at least one post a week here. My tumblr is so self-indulgent and calming that it makes me neglect this blog.

I will sorely miss you. To paraphrase Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, it's as though he died way before hitting old age like the other great inventors and we didn't get to milk him for everything he had. His work was not done yet. He was perhaps the greatest salesman of all time and no one could make you lust for a product like he did. Turns out competence is not common. Last American Who Knew What The Fuck He Was Doing

I still use my iPod nano 2nd generation and I never got into the craze of owning the latest apple gadget because they can withstand my constant abuse. I put the nano through the wash once and flipped out thinking it was dead. I let it dry for a few days and it worked fine.


Anonymous said...

You are missed by many; friends, family, strangers.
E.L. (1991-2013)

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The image is now missing but can be viewed here-

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